We embrace transparency of information that may help our clients (and prospective clients) make informed decisions. For your convenience, below are links to all of our disclosures. Please do keep in mind that not all disclosures pertain to all client relationships. This will depend on the particular services, accounts or products that you choose to engage us for. We'll tell you which items pertain to you, as needed, but don't hesitate to ask us for clarification at any time.  


  • ADV Brochure 2A: This form is updated periodically and presents information about Cambridge Investment Research Advisors, Inc., though which Chuck and Cristina offer advisory services. 
  • ADV Brochure 2B: Provides details about each Financial Professional. This is updated if anything changes with your Investment Advisor Representative.
  • Wealthport Wrap Brochure: this brochure provides information about the Wealthport Wrap program through Cambridge and includes details about the Cambridge Asset Allocation Platform (CAAP).
  • Cambridge Form CRSProvides information regarding brokerage services. 
  • CIRA Form CRSProvides information regarding investment advisory services.
  • CRS Supplement: Provides additional information beyond both the Cambridge Investment Research, Inc. Form CRS and Cambridge Investment Research Advisors (CIRA) Form CRS. 

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at 513-251-6400